About Me

Hi! I’m Candice, a certified nutrition coach. Healthy living is my passion, and making that a reality for myself and helping others do the same through lifestyle changes is my goal. I believe that there are many factors that determine health, and the number on the scale is NOT one of them. I believe that all foods fit, diets most often lead to frustration and failure, and that food is meant to be enjoyed! I want people to know that nutritious food can be delicious, simple and realistic for any lifestyle. It’s about finding balance and being mindful of yourself and the life that you live!

I am a Manitoba raised country girl who followed her dreams of working in the horse industry to Central Alberta. Once I was out here things changed, I developed an interest in nutrition and received an Applied Nutrition Science Diploma through Elevated Learning Academy.

Not long after moving to Alberta I met my now husband Mike. Our family is completed by our fur-child Russ, who makes sure that we never miss a walk… rain or shine! We all love being outdoors, Russ and I especially love hiking, and we convince Mike to come along every once in a while.

Naturally with a passion for food I also love gardening. To me growing my own vegetables and an education on how they benefit our bodies just go hand in hand! The other loves of my life are sunflowers, red wine and ice-cream, and you can bet that they are on hand in my house at all times!