Nutrition Coaching

Whether you are looking to gain more energy, eat less sugar, drink more water, eat more veggies or learn how to plan out nutritious meals I am here to help. I offer a client centered, lifestyle based approach to help you reach your goals. I have found that by making small changes and replacing old habits with new ones has the most success. I work at creating a healthy lifestyle for you rather than a “diet” that is bound to fail you eventually. Eating more nutritiously can be delicious and simple. This looks different for everyone, and I am here to help you find a healthy lifestyle that suits your needs and makes you feel your best.

Step-by-Step Plan

This plan is set up to ease you into a healthy lifestyle. With weekly meetings together we will create small goals to reach that ultimate goal that you have (this can be as simple as leading a more healthy lifestyle). This will allow us to track your progress and make changes as necessary.

Initial 1-hour consult $50.00 – preferably in person, but phone calls, or video messaging works too. Weekly 30-minute follow-up sessions $30.00 – in person, phone call, video message or email. Note: You are required to commit to a minimum of 3 follow-up sessions for this package. After that can continue as long as you feel is needed.

What you get:

  • a personalized plan that will fit into your life
  • education on SMART goal setting and how this will work for you
  • unlimited email support for any questions, concerns or encouragement you may need
  • meal ideas suited to your lifestyle
  • up to 5 healthy recipes per week that are in line with your goals
  • education on a more healthful way of eating

1-Hour Nutrition Info Session

For the person who is looking for a general idea on what a more healthy way of eating looks like, and needs so quick tips on how this could work for them. $75.00

What you get:

  • general education on a more healthful way of eating
  • tips and tricks to fit nutrition into a busy lifestyle
  • ideas on how to modify some of your favorite recipes to make them more nutritious
  • education on how to set SMART goals for yourself Note: this does not include any follow up sessions or email support

1-Week Meal Plan

For the very busy person who does not have time to think about what to eat, and may have specific goals in place for themselves. $100.00

What you get:

  • a 7-day plan that includes breakfast, lunch, supper and snack
  • specific to your likes, dislikes and any food intolerance or allergies
  • a plan that is in line with any health goals that you may have Note: this plan does not include nutrition coaching