Banana Sweetened Iced Cap

Its that time of year again here in Alberta, when you can start peeling off the layers, you don’t have to scrape your car windshield at -30, and your piping hot coffee every morning doesn’t seem as appealing. Blended coffee drink season is here! If you are anything like me your plain black coffee becomes a cup loaded with cream, ice and sugar… like a lot of sugar!

There is 62 grams of sugar in 1 large Time Hortons Iced Capp, that is 6 tablespoons! If star bucks is more your thing, 1 Venti Coffee Frappuccino gives you 69 grams, or 6.5 tablespoons of sugar. Shocking right? Seeing as how type 2 diabetes has become so prominent, our sugar intake is something that we should be aware of. The heart and stroke foundation recommends that the average adult consumes no more than 50 grams of added sugar (like the stuff you put in your coffee) per day. So just one of those delicious coffee beverages blows your added sugar intake for the day out of the water! Don’t get me wrong, treat yourself every once in a while, I sure do, just not every day!

This got me thinking, there has to be something that is equally delicious, but has less sugar. This is where the power of the frozen banana comes to play! 1 large banana is a lowly 15 grams of NATURAL sugar, that’s it! Natural sugar acts differently in your body, and is not included in the recommended intake amount. That is pretty much nothing compared to the sixty some in those bought drinks. Plus a banana has a whole bunch of wonderful nutrients like potassium and fiber which are both great for your health! So I came up with my own home made banana-mocha iced cappuccino, and it is every bit as delicious as a bought one. The biggest bonus: it can be enjoyed every day without taking a toll on your health!

All you need is a one frozen banana (slightly over-ripe is best because it will be sweeter), 1 tbsp cocoa powder, 1 tbsp instant coffee granules, and about 6 ice cubes, and 1 cup of milk of your choice.

If you like an even stronger coffee buzz, freeze any leftover coffee that you have in an ice cube try and use that instead of regular ice cubes.

Now to assemble your iced cappuccino. First put your ice cubes, or frozen coffee cubes into a blender cup. I use my Nutri-Ninja blender, which I love, but a regular blender will work just fine. Then add in one tablespoon of instant coffee granules, 1 tbsp of cocoa powder, and then the sliced frozen banana on top.

Bananas don’t freeze that solid, so you should easily be able to chop it into slices, and add it into your blender cup. You can always chop it before you freeze it if you find it too difficult to cut when it is frozen.

Next, add in your milk, I like to use unsweetened almond milk. But any milk will do. Depending on how thick you like your drink will depend on how much you add. I like a thicker, almost shake-like beverage, so I only add milk half way up the cup. It doesn’t melt as fast on those scorching hot days! But you can adjust that yourself to suit your preference.

Now blend it all together for your perfect summer coffee creation!

Take it to go…

…or enjoy it at home!

Not only will your body thank you for not over loading it with added sugar, but your wallet will also be smiling because of the money that you will be saving at the drive-thru!

To ensure that you always have the ingredients on hand when a coffee craving strikes you, just peel all of your over ripe bananas, toss them in a zip-lock bag and into the freezer. Lets be real were you actually going to get around to make banana loaf with them anyway?